MapifyPro v3.2.0 Release Notes: June 1st 2019

Version 3.2.0

-This is a critical update that addresses an issue with API activations not working properly.

-Note that you may need to redownload your latest version of MapifyPro from your account area to address this fix.

-Note that you may also have a new API Key, so be sure to use the latest Key found in your API KEYS Tab to activate MapifyPro.

-If you switch your subscription type, please note that you'll need to redownload and reactivate your plugin with the updated versions of your copy of MapifyPro.

Version 3.1.4

-There was a bug in certain instances of Carbon Fields. This has been fixed. 

-Fixed an issue where some users had a conflict with displaying maps.

Version 3.1.2

-Addressed a conflict with Carbon Fields and improved general compatibility.

-Addressed an issue where you could not update the plugin as requested by the prompt in admin when updating.

Version 3.0.15

-Addressed an issue with our custom fields conflicting with some theme designs. 

-Fixed admin script and style conflicts with carbon fields that might be loaded outside of Mapifypro.

-Minor quality of life fixes for custom coding tweaks.

Version 3.0.10

-We've addressed an issue where user roles were preventing some roles from editing maps. 

Version 3.0.8

-Tweaks to overall stability

Version 3.0.4

-Tweak to the maps to prevent them from zooming out too far.

-Fix to prevent wpthumb from hooking into normal wp thumbnail functions.

-Minor fixes to admin to enhance UX

Version 3.0.2

-Fixed an issue where full images weren't rendering when first loading a map and selecting a location.

-Fixed the issue where the "You must update your map data..." message was broken. It now behaves properly when you click "Update Now".

Version 3.0.1

-Fixed an issue where dropdown menus were not working when being viewed on an Android device.

-Fixed a few typos and other minor housekeeping items.

Version 3.0.0

 This is a huge Update! Check out the highlights:

-Fully overhauled map engine for up to 30% faster maps

-Renewed admin area for more logical/intuitive placement of all elements.

-New map styles.

-New tooltips! You can now add a features image to each tooltip, and orient the image to the side or above tooltip content.

-No more Google Browser key nonsense.

-Update notifications have finally been implemented to always keep you up to date on the latest plugin version.

-New "Use my location" feature that highlights a user's location on the front-end maps.

-Further optimization for mobile/tablet viewing, including new dragging feature for the location galleries.

Version 2.5.6



-We found a php bug that was causing compatibility conflicts with certain plugins. This has now been resolved and pushed live.


Version 2.5.5



1. Interactive List Update: You can now set the Interactive List feature (the feature that let's you add a location directory under the map) to hidden by default. This allows your map to show results only after the visitor has entered a search or filter criteria rather than showing all locations in the list upon first loading the map.

2. SVG Support for map markers: You can now use SVG files for the most crisp, mobile friendly map markers possible!


-Fix to prevent the website "jumping" to the top of a page whenever a location popup is opened.

-Minor design tweaks to the location popups.


Version 2.5.4

Crucial Update for WodPress 4.7+: Getting javascript errors? This update fixes them and brings our software up to speed with the latest version of WordPress. You need it. Go get it.


Version 2.4.6

Our development team has released a very crucial update to MapifyPro in order to make lives easier and prevent deadline-induced panic attacks. Here's what's new:

Say goodbye to API Activation
We've been doing some deep meditation on the ongoing state of MapifyPro's API Keys. After much thought and introspection, we have decided to remove the need to activate MapifyPro until a more user-friendly solution is available. You must still have an active subscription to our software (we have to keep the pesky pirates at bay after all) but after updating to the latest version of MapifyPro, you'll no longer need to manually activate it via API.

Google Lays Down The Law

Ultimately we will always be under Google's thumb when it comes to using their API, and recently they have released a new requirement: Each instance of MapifyPro must be associated with a Google Maps Key Code. This means you need to create a code and enter it in wp-admin in order to properly display any instance of Google Maps. That includes MapifyPro. Luckily, it's as easy as can be. Just follow these simple steps:

1. After setting up a Google developer's account, simply grab your key here.


2. In your WP-admin, navigate to the MapifyPro tab, and select "MapifyPro Settings". You'll see the field where you need to paste the code. It's as easy as that. Note however that you MUST update to the latest version of MapifyPro to see this new field. Here's a visual:

Version 2.4.3

Updated Feature: Interactive Location List

-The interactive location list that can be included beneath the map will now showcase locations based on the distance from which they appear from the search criteria and filters. For example, if you set a filter to "Coffee Shops" and then perform a city/zip search within 500 miles of "90210", locations will not only be filtered based on that criteria, but will be in the order of closest location to farthest location within the radius.

Updated Feature: Bulk uploader

-We have implemented a more robust feedback system in the bulk uploader. You will now see a progress indicator letting you know how far along the update process is, and if any errors occur you will receive an error report on which item/entry caused the error. We hope that this will help you troubleshoot and correct any issues with your .csv files in a more streamlined manner.


-Fixed the issue where the cluster icon was not showing. This was due to Google moving certain resources to github. This has now been resovled (be sure to refresh your browsers after updating for it to take effect).

-Fixed an issue where images were being cropped. They will now resize properly to fit the space but maintain their original aspect ratio.

-Fix for placement of tooltips while viewing from a mobile device. They are now properly centered.

Other Updates:

-Updated support for the "Bridge" theme.

-Misc. bug fixes and compatibility optimization for Wordpress 4.5.2


Version 2.4.2

New Feature: When specifying a url that you would like to link your location(s) to, you can now specify whether you'd like to open the window in a new tab or in the same window.

-Added support for the upcoming add-on, KMZpro, which allows you to upload KMZ files to any of your maps!

-When you set the "Enable Directions" option to no, the button will now be correctly hidden in the interactive list area.

-If no information is added in the main description field, and all location details are hidden, the pop-up gallery will not display only the gallery itself with no space to the right. This enables the ability to only have a gallery on any location without the need for extra details. This feature is automatic.

-Misc. tweaks to the code for further WordPress 4.5 support.

Version 2.4.1

This is a huge release! Check out all the new stuff below:

New Free Stuff

New Feature: Set your own distances for Search Radius: You can now specify the exact number of miles or kilometers to include on the front in search radius feature. By default they will list starting at 5miles (or km) but you can easily set these to whatever distance you like, and the maps will behave accordingly.

ALL NEW BATCH UPLOADER: The batch loader now includes every location feature, allowing you to batch/bulk upload locations with everything handled in the new .csv file, including the new additions:

-Map Tags (for filtering locations): *This will require that they have already added the Map Tags to the map they are uploading to. In the field it can read:

*Enter your Map Filter Tag here exactly as you’ve entered them when creating your map. They must be exact in order to apply the correct filter/category. To apply multiple tags to this location, separate by a comma.

-Link location to another page? Yes/No (default is no)

-Enter Url (to link the location to)

-Pin Image URL: Leave blank to use Map’s Default pin image *This is a way to add a unique pin image by entering the image url.

-Gallery Images: Enter the url of the images you’d like to include in the gallery, separated by a comma. *This is a way to add images to the gallery via linking to the image urls. Note that these images must be online, IE in dropbox or another url.

-Location Address or GPS Coordinates *For this new addition, we have a dedicated field for locating the address on the map. You can enter the address OR longitude/lattitude for off road locations. This will make more sense than using the previous address fields, which are now used simply for location details that appear in the sidebar.

Enable Sharing? Y/N *Default is Yes, and when enabled it enables all of the sharing options. For no, all sharing options are disabled.

More Map Styles: We've added 10 more snazzy map styles to the collection:


-New loading icon for a sleeker look when opening pop-ups.


1. When translating the maps with WPML, the “Default View” label did not properly translate (in the dropdown or the interactive list). This has been addressed and will now translate as expected.

2. Previously we had implemented animated pinpoints, but at some point that feature stopped working for some users. Now fixed.

3. Previously if a user adds only 2 photos, the gallery would not appear. Only one photo would appear in the pop-up, with no thumbnails beneath. We have fixed this and if 2 photos are added, they will display as expected.


Version 2.3.9

NEW FEATURE: Search Bias. We now allow you to enter a country in order to prioritize search preference. For example, some customers had issues when searching in the UK and having no results appear, thgouh they should have. The reason is that the maps were first looking in the USA and finding no locations. This new feature allows you to enter any country in the Map Settings tab in order to prioritize the location searches, and thus addressing the issue.


-Updates to address some instances of the tooltip lining up improperly above the map markers.

-Minor updates to the map style, including new zoom in/out icons.

-Minor bug fixes and housekeeping, compatibility fixes.

Version 2.3.5

NEW FEATURE: We have added a new feature that allows you to toggle your map settings in order to use miles or kilometers. This toggle will automatically change the labels used on the front end, as well as the algorithms for search radius.

-Fixed an issue where pinpoint image urls were not linking correctly, causing them to be hidden.

-Updated for more compatibility for more themes. Fixed a common issue where some users saw a double scroll bar on their site.

-Optimized the speed of the plugin for better performance.

-Optimized the batch uploader for better performance.

-Misc. tweaks and optimization of the Google API.


Version 2.3.1

-Now compatible with CROWDMAPS, our latest add-on that allows any visitor to your site add locations to any map. Visitors simply double click on the map, then add photos, a video, and detailed information of any location.

New features: Visitors to your site may now manually set the distance radius in which they are seacrh for locations. This is done via the new dropdown in the search are that allows them to set the miles radius they would like to search within, and all location within that distance will be displayed. FREE TO CURRENT SUBSCRIBERS.

-Misc. Tweaks and stability fixes


Version 2.2.9

-Very Important fix to our API Key structure to fix a bug where API keys were not activating.


Version 2.2.2

New features: See the details here.

-Removed repeating icons from Image Mode

-Updated styling capabilities: Transparency setting for tooltips, accent color function updated.

-Full compatibility with WordPress 4.2+

-Misc. tweaks and bug fixes


Version 2.1.1

-Further stability for WordPress 4.1. Misc. compatibility tweaks for broader theme support.

-NEW FEATURE: Location Directory. Add an interactive list of all locations beneath your map!


Version 2.0.7

-Further addressed potential conflict where some users experienced problems with permalink settings not functioning with MapifyPro.

-Added the ability to hide tooltips in addition to hiding the popups. This means you can have more combinations of pins: Pin with tooltip and popup, popup only when pin is clicked, or simply a non-interactive pin.

-Ability to hide location information, and Directions button, or a combination of these settings.

Version 2.0.6

-Addressed potential conflict where some users experienced problems with permalink settings not functioning with MapifyPro.

-Addressed a bug within Carbon Fields that was causing some problems for some users.

Version 2.0.5

-Addresses a few ajax issues where the pop-up would not appear for some users

-Adds the ability to hide the directions button (map settings)

-tweaks the comments for blog post variations to keep the user on the page instead of taking them to the blog when the post is viewed on the map.

-Overhauls of mobile map interaction: Locations are now MUCH easier to tap/select

-Fixes some alignment issues in tablet view.

-Optimizes the sidebar layout in blog variations for more compatibility for misc. widgets

-No longer forces the pop-up into the top left of the browser, and also does not force the pop-up to scroll the site to the top of the page (it remains in place wherever you've placed you map)

Version 2.0.3

-Our biggest update yet. For a full list of the new features, visit our blog post:

Version 1.9.9b

-Hotfix for issue where zoom level cannot be set properly.

Version 1.9.9

-Rebuilt Timthumbs with a different solution since Timthumbs had security issues

Version 1.9.1

-Added map clusters function

-All new custom image mode implements more google map features, unlimited zoom levels, and more.

-Locations are now actual posts, so they can be customized just like a blog post

-Shortcodes are now automatically generated for each map and displayed in the list

-Links are provided for easier access/sharing of specific locations

-Full compatibility with PrettyRoutesPro plugin

-SEO plugins now work on each location


Version 1.8.1

-Updated to be fully compatible with WordPress 3.8.1

-Fixed an issue where Vimeo videos were causing a corruption

Version 1.7.7

Revised tooltips:
-Tooltips now stay open until manually closed or when user hovers over another tooltip.
-You can now add a shortcode to give directions to any location on the map. This is based on GPS coordinates so it can be very specific, and is not tied down to a physical address.
-You can add external links to a tooltip (good for linking to an interior page of your site, or an external website).

Enhanced searching:

-When enter a zip code, the map now automatically zooms into that location and displays the locations within the specified radius
-This is especially helpful with mobile/tablet viewing, as it automatically locates the locations, rather than simply filtering them (sometimes on a mobile/tablet device the filtered locations wouldn't be visible due to screen size). It also works great in getting directions as it simply opens google maps, and allows the user get directions directly from their exact location via GPS.

Version 1.7.5

-Enhanced mobile and tablet support: MapifyPro now renders a mobile-specific popup when viewed on mobile devices, including touch features. Tooltips and locations also now auto-center on touch when viewed on mobile/tablet devices, which optimizes the experience to the specific device.

-You can now choose the default view on Google maps (terrain, satellite, hybrid, default).

-You can now choose to lock the zoom level on Google Maps mode to prevent zooming by mouse scroll.

-Sharing of each location is now enabled, allowing you to share specific locations across your social network.

Quirks we've addressed:

-When posting a single image or video, the gallery is now hidden. The gallery of thumbnails will only be displayed when more than one image/video is added.

-If the text in the description area exceeds the space in the pop-up, a scrollbar will be added automatically.

-Fixed a bug in version 1.7.4 that prevented the pop-up from appearing.


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