I Can't Activate MapifyPro

Please update to the latest version as we have removed the need to activate our software. You can download the latest version of MapifyPro in the "My Account" area of

Note that you still need an ACTIVE SUBSCRIPTION to use MapifyPro. This is our way of preventing piracy and illegal use of the software so do not cancel your subscription unless you are done using the product.


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    Amaia Gomez

    I have no active subscription in my account. I have the order complete of the bundle mapify pro + pretty routes, last week but no active subscription yet. How can I have it?

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    Same here

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    I bought a unlimited bundle of mapify pro and adrift, but have no downloady in my account. Could you provide me access to the files please?
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    Multimedia Lombardi

    I just purchased the plugin but there is no download available in my download area! And when I click on the invoice download link an error occurs: Sorry, you have reached your download limit for this file. Why this? Someone helps me, I need the plugin

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