How do I create a location on the map?

After activating the plugin a new administration section called "Map Locations" will be available, and you can add/edit map location from that section by following the instructions.


-To add a location to Google Maps: Enter the address to the exact location of your choosing and Mapify will automatically add the pinpoint. You can also double click to add a location directly to the map, or drag and drop an existing location. This is great for locations without an address, or on a body of water.

-To add a location to a Custom Map: Simply double click on the location of your choosing. After adding a location, you may also drag and drop the pinpoint and MapifyPro will self-adjust to the new location.

Note: All Locations are stored separately in the section called "Map Locations", located in the sidebar of the Wordpress admin. These are organized separately to keep things nice and organized, and also so it's easy to edit locations in the future.


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