How do I create a new map?

***Please consult the latest documentation for an update to this process***

After installing the plugin, there will be a section called 'Maps' added to your Wordpress Admin section (typically it is found in the lower half of your sidebar).

Within this page, you can add as many maps as you like, in a very similar manner as adding blog posts. When creating a new map, or editing an existing map, you may apply the following settings:

-Choose whether you would like Google Maps or Custom Image Mode.

-Specify whether you would like to include search and/or filtering capability to your map. You may also specify the search radius in miles.

-Choose a default pin image for the map (though note you can use a unique image for every location. If not specified, it will default to the image you upload on your map setting.)

-Drag momentum for image mode

-Upload specific images to be used for the map (Custom image Mode)

-Choose the default view mode in Google maps (terrain, hybrid, etc.)

-Specify the default zoom level of your map.


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